We Are Made Of Stardust
The past years I have been working with performers, directors, choreographers, actors, dancers, clowns, musicians, fine artists, scenographers, scientists and philosophers. My work is sometimes very physical on the edge of theatre, dance or installation. Below you can find a list of projects I created or co-created (works) or in which I am working as a performer (collaborations). On the bottom you can also find some Video works / films.



Amatourist (2016)
The concept of Amatourist is that everything is hard to master. And that starts with this … it starts with this text:The A Ma Tourist, The Austria Tom, The Tatami Ours, the Arm Auto Its, The Am Art Is Out… The Amatourist is a constant challenge of getting along, of coping with things. Like with objects or people or language. The Amatourist attempts to act like a pro and if he succeeds or not can only be decided by the national integration policy or the dear audience.

Anna and Kajetan are questioning their own system of logics by finding out a new relationship with wood. They found a micro-nation, a Yes-land in which everything is possible until the law of gravity forces them to rethink and update their old commandments.
Anna and Kajetan share their fascination for objects and recycling – for each other and the space. Perfect conditions for a piece of wood.

Newroz (2015) – the research is a collaboration with Sieger Baljon, Siruan Darbandi, Naomi Warndorff and Tea Teearu. The research is about the human voice and all its different layers creating harmony and disharmony in a ritualistic space. Inspired by Le Sacre du Printtemps, a ballet and orchestral concert work from Igor Stravinsky and polyphonic music from Corsica, Newroz is a choreographic and musical journey into spring.

Body Off (2014)  – the second work by wild vlees / Tamar Blom and me in which we investigate the movement of the mind and its inter-connection to the whole body. Inspired by an essay by René Gude „het vege lijf“ (the mortal body) the performance is an exibition on the civilized and sculpted body.

Intersex FISH (2013) 
– In 2002, large populations of smallmouth bass and redbreast sunfish were found dead in Potomac River, West Virginia. Scientists found out that many of the male fish contained precursors of egg cells normally produced by females, a condition known as intersex. The impact of finding intersex fish in rivers led to the discovery that things like phtalates and bisphenol A can disturb the body’s normal biological functions. The performance installation created and performed by Francesca Lazzeri is an approach to deal with the contradictory material of plastic.

If Just The Zebra Decides (2013) 
– 1988 the Dutch art historian and antique dealer Tom van der Bruggen created small wooden planks in order to fashion a scale model of the castle of his dreams. Those planks became the game KAPLA, what means Kabouter Plankjes, the Dutch term for „gnome planks“. For the performance „If Just The Zebra Decides“ KAPLA will be used to built up an unknown city and the rest the zebra decides.

Running is not an option (2014) – Running is a means of terrestrial locomotion allowing humans and other animals to move rapidly on foot. It is simply defined as a movement pattern of the limbs in which at regular points during the running cycle both feet are off the ground. Because Running is not an option, it stands in contrast to all the other things you will see in the performance, as for instance walking, in which one foot is always in contact with the ground; crawling, rolling, rubbing, falling. The performance is a collaboration with the croatian artist Ivana Filip and advised by Pien Vrijhof.

Body On (2013) 
– a performance duet inspired by repetitive gazes, gestures and movements performed at a Nacktschlagerparty in Berlin, wild vlees / Tamar Blom and me are using this real life experience to tackle the universal.

Click here to read the recension in Weser Kurier (GERMAN)

Click here to read a review by Shane Kinghorn (ENGLISH)

Wenn die Tiere schlafen gehen (2013)  – started as a research about the phenomena of sleep and hibernating animals. In collaboration with Kompanie Freispiel it was developed further into a performance for children from 3 years plus. It premiered in January 2014 at Dschungel Vienna, Theaterhaus für junges Publikum, followed by another series of performances in Austria (Frida & Fred, Graz) and Dschungel.

We Are Made Of Stardust (2013)
– a solo performance for a universal, loving and peaceful audience inspired by the Woodstock Festival Documentary and the struggle for freedom.
—>>>***See the whole performance here***<<<—

Diddie Dinkel and Ronnie Roggen (2012)
 – an object theatre solo about a german spelt and an austrian rye dropped togheter at a random bakery in the european union. a story of identity, love and faith.

Performance for Friends and Family (2012)
 – a theater and dance performance about friendship and leaving home. In cooperation with austrian based slapstickboys.

Bademeister (2011)
– a humorous piece about two lifeguards at the shore of danube river, who are diving into a fiction-world made of perfect barbies and of course: david hasselhoff. In cooperation with kompanie freispiel.



Als je maar hard genoeg rennt, weet niemand waar je bent (2015) – a performance by Jetse Batelaan / Theater Artemis for children from 8 years. PREMIERE November 2015

ERF (2015) – a performance by theatercompany Schweigman& performed at Festival Tiun der Lusten, Oerol (Terschelling, NL) and at Kathedralenbos in Almere.

Pigeon Diaries (2015) – a performance in which the audience (and also Tea and Kajetan) can experience things like a big dream. It all started when we realised our dreams are as real as what’s happening when we’re awake. We don’t perform specific scenes of particular dreams but instead explore dream states. We throw ourselves into adventures that await us in the empty space. It’s really important to get lost in all of this. Let’s just keep in mind that inside these worlds also exists the so-called home. The performance is advised by Floor van Leeuwen.

BOND (2015) – the performance BOND was a collaboration with scenographer Maartje Prins. By the physical restriction of specific costume, BOND started up as a research around conjoint twins. Together with Francesca Lazzeri the project was an attempt of experiencing an inexplicable physical sensation between two bodies, of being syblings sharing their existence in one body or as close as nobody could ever get in between. The research-project was presented in the frame of 24hs Theaterschool, Amsterdam and advised by Danielle van Vree.

Zwarte Klaas (2014) – the project Zwarte Klaas is a collaboration with performance group Sjamandada / Sieger Baljon celebrating the seasons in its original forms as far as we can trace back rituals and celebrations that have being performed in the old continent of Europe. Its focus is the soft change of the dutch tradition „Sinter Klaas Feest“ that sadly bears racist connotations and discrimination. The project stands up for the empowerment of minorities in a post-colonial society.

Dahmer Syndrome (2014) – In 1991 Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested and accused of murder. In his apartment the police found decomposing meat and dozens of Polaroid’s Dahmer had taken of his victims while they were tied up and butchered. In his freezer they found body parts, neatly packed in plastic bags. The project was realized by Oystein Johansen / bunnyheadproductions.

PAPiER-LA-PAPP (2012) 
– a dance performance made for children from the age of 3 years. In collaboration with Kompanie Freispiel, dancer Silvia Slazmann, Anna Spitzbart (Die Allee) and Remo Rauscher / backlab collective.

6 (2012)
 – a lustful STELLA´12 awarded performance for teenagers about one of the most beautiful things in the world. In cooperation with Vienna based schallundrauch agency.

Human failure (2011)
 – a performance about the stupidity of human nature. In cooperation with austrian based slapstickboys.

Aquarius (2010) – an outdoors performance together with actor Tobias Kerschbaumer within the alpine nature of Eisenerz. In cooperation with EisenerZ*ART.

Prospekt (2007) – a Jungwild 2007 awarded hommage to consume and crazy human habits in cooperation with Leo Riegler, Lukas König, Nora Safranek, Viola Novak and Helge Stradner.

Morphodite (2012) – a short film by Sophie Lux

Video works / films

FIRST DANCE (2014) – as a reference to the clip FIRST KISS Johanna F. Krüger and me asked people on the streets of Amsterdam in order to dance with us for a moment.

why does a giraffe have such a long neck (2014) – a collage of mobile phone camera movies cut together revealing a great joke.

Da Saund of Music (2012)
 – two dance/performance videos created togheter with teenagers from BRG Rosasgasse Vienna (A) and BORG Eisenerz (Stmk, A). In cooperation with Vienna based schallundrauch agency.
Direct Link to Video @ Eisenerz.
Direct Link to Video @ Rosasgasse, Wien.

homo solumus sandleitenensis (2012)
 – a performance video created in the public space of Sandleiten/Ottakring. A performative intervention in frame of Occupy Sandleiten, Soho Ottakring and Culburb.

Artist Interview (2012)
– a short humorous sketch about arrogance, over-correctness and the moment, when everything goes wrong. In cooperation with austrian based slapstickboys.

High Voltage (2012)
 – a short film about the end. In cooperration with austrian based slapstickboys.

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