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The performance is an adventure through collections of dream-like sequences. In the duet Tea Teearu (SNDO2) and I will be reading the spectators´ minds and exploring the lightness and fun of daily life. We reveal answers for questions like for instance how to calculate until 169, which contemporary health device is needed for a good posture and how to get rid of annoying ghosts.

reservation link: http://www.ahk.nl/theaterschool/actueel/agenda/2015/04/02/sndo2-festival-part-2/


This weekend I am going to present a very special research together with four beautiful people. We spent our process analysing songs and sounds from diverse cultures and practising them within the frame of a performance ritual. We refer to ethnicity and not nation, we refer to all existing spirits – some call it one god, we celebrate life and death and gather together to welcome the coming of spring.

Where: de Theaterschool Amsterdam, gather in the canteen 6th floor

28/11 KunstENhuis 20:30
3/12 Bijlmer Parktheater 20:00
5/12 Tolhuistuin 20:00

zwarte klaas

After walking through the streets of Amsterdam and celebrating the BLACK CARNIVAL.
After showing a teaser of Zwarte Klaas in the Rabozaal in Stadsschouwburg.
After premiering in the Vondelbunker last saturday.
We continue to change the traditions another three times this year.

!!Reserve here for KunstENhuis!!

!!Reserve here for Bijlmer Parktheater!!

“I found the images that the young people from Sjamandada dared to show more shocking and fundamental” … compared to Johan Simons Die Neger in – De Theaterkrant

Read the whole Recension (in dutch): http://www.theaterkrant.nl/recensie/die-neger/


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