Archiv für den Monat März 2015

pigeon poster

The performance is an adventure through collections of dream-like sequences. In the duet Tea Teearu (SNDO2) and I will be reading the spectators´ minds and exploring the lightness and fun of daily life. We reveal answers for questions like for instance how to calculate until 169, which contemporary health device is needed for a good posture and how to get rid of annoying ghosts.

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This weekend I am going to present a very special research together with four beautiful people. We spent our process analysing songs and sounds from diverse cultures and practising them within the frame of a performance ritual. We refer to ethnicity and not nation, we refer to all existing spirits – some call it one god, we celebrate life and death and gather together to welcome the coming of spring.

Where: de Theaterschool Amsterdam, gather in the canteen 6th floor