A MONTH OF PAIN, DRUGS and finally the ROCK´n´ROLL

Paradies881day 1 – start of sepsis (on independece day, how cynical)
day 2 – getting fever in the evening. it will take 10 days more.
day 3 – flying back to Austria – directly to hospital – 39,1°C fever, liquid medication immediately. stay over night.
day 4 – back home with penicillin and diclophenac tabs and anti-tromboses injections for the belly. wont move for the next 11 days.
day 10 – finally fever free but still a swallen knee – cream, TOPFEN and ice from now on
day 15 – first time for a little walk with crutches – 800m
day 19 – free of crutches, but still looks crooked
day 23 – first long big hike to the market and return – 3000m
day 24 – I start looking neutral when walking
day 26 – start of physiotherapy every fucking day
day 30 – I can ride the bike again!
day 32 – After more than a month I start to DANCE DANCE DANCE after having watched the performance „the playground“ by groupenfonction. The show must go on – so Zebras, I am coming!

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