We Are Born To Know Each Other – Performance Installation @ Korte Koningsstraat 8

Installation in Korte Koningstraat 8We Are Born To Know Each Other is a performance installation realized by Francesca Lazzeri and me. In the frame of the Mime/Spel Workshop with Fabian Santarciel de la Quintana, we developed performances in the public space around Nieuwmarkt/Amsterdam Center. While exploring these public spaces, Francesca and I also became curious about all the private little spaces in Amsterdam. Thus, we decided to add another layer to the performance in the public space and simultaneously attempted to intrude into a private space. We communicated via letters to the owners of the space and eventually got the keys in order to make a small performance inside of a prepared installation developed over the project period. Our performers were Elias de Bruyne, Johanna F. Krüger and Anton van der Sluis.

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