Kromowidjojo Flyer
Ranomi Kromowidjojo is a dutch swim-star, that won plenty of times at worldcups and Olympic games for The Netherlands. Her name originates from the Javanese with lent elements from the Sanskrit. It is a combination of the words kromo and widjojo. The combination of both could be translated to repeating victory.

क्रम विजय Kromowidjojo (2014) became the title of my short film work after doing some research around the latest Olympic Swimming Competitions in London 2012.

Eversince I am intrigued by places like swimming baths. For me these places are connected to a certain excitement, that originates in obligatory swimming lessons in school, the body being exposed in an exceptional way, the huge space being a cathedral built around the holy sport´s
water. In the movie I want to reflect on the happening of a sports-event and transform it into something, where competition plays no role anymore.

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